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When using the forum, we ask that you please follow certain guidelines we have put in place to ensure topic discussions are relevant, civil, and appropriate. These guidelines can be found below and are subject to be changed at any time by TSHA and the forum’s moderation team. Failure to adhere to the rules of the forum can result in the removal of your post, suspension, and/or account deletion. TSHA is not responsible for any harmful or illicit content included in the posts of the forum’s users. Additionally, the views and opinions expressed by users are not endorsed by the Association.

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#1 - Do not insult fellow users

When posting or replying to a topic, do not insult any other member using the board. In general, we ask that you treat fellow users like you would a family member or good friend. Insulting others for any reason is hurtful and does not positively move a conversation or debate forward. Depending on the severity of the insult, the offending user may be warned, suspended, or banned. Repeated minor offenses can also result in a user being suspended or banned. While posts may be flagged as insulting by other users, moderators will make the final decision on whether a user’s post merits discipline.

If someone insults you, please flag the post as inappropriate or alert the moderators directly. DO NOT make the situation worse by responding with an insult of your own. Retaliatory insults are just as bad as the initial insult. Retaliation may result in a warning, suspension, and/or account deletion. If you feel like you must respond, please do so in a polite fashion and refer the offending user to this code of conduct.

#2 - Do not harass fellow users

This includes, but is not limited to, intimidating a fellow user(s), threatening a user(s), posting inappropriate and unwanted messages to the board, posting sexually explicit messages, posting racially insensitive messages, continuously posting unwanted comments towards a specific user or groups of users, etc. Harassment of any kind can result in the offending user to be warned, suspended, or banned from the board. This decision will be made by the sole discretion of the moderator team.

If you feel as if you’re being harassed, flag the offensive comment(s) and report the offending user to the moderator team. Do not inflame the situation by responding with rude or offensive posts of your own. This can result in you receiving a warning, suspension, or ban.

#3 - Do not Post Offensive/Inappropriate Content

Posts that are vulgar in nature or use inappropriate swear words are not allowed on the board. Some of this content will be automatically blocked by the system, and any efforts to sneak comments past the block can result in an automatic suspension or ban. In addition, any content that is sexual in nature, either through imagery, video, or writing, is prohibited on this board. Posting sexually explicit discussions and messages can result in an automatic suspension or ban.

#4 - Do not Post Illegal Content

Any post or conversation that encourages or endorses the use of illicit substances, circumvention of established laws, or breaking of the law in any form will be removed and the offending poster will be subject to a suspension or ban. In addition, posts that contain or include links to viruses, spyware, adware, or other harmful code are not allowed and will be removed. The offending user will be automatically banned.

#5 - Do not Spam or Advertise on the Forum

Spam is a nuisance to all users of the forum and does not initiate or encourage productive discussion. Consistently posting advertisement, solicitations for products, solicitations for donations to other charitable organizations, etc. will result in a suspension or permanent ban. Any content that the moderating team considers to be spam will be immediately removed.

Advertising on the forum for the purpose of monetary or personal gain is prohibited. You may post discussions about historical gatherings and events, as long as the event would be of interest to the historical community and you (or an organization you work for) are not profiting from the event. Also, consistently directing traffic to a personal website with the intent of self-promotion or monetary gain is not allowed. Continued advertising and self promotion can result in a suspension or permanent ban.

If you are interested in sponsoring TSHA, you may contact us here. If you are unsure whether or not your post may constitute advertising or self-promotion, please ask the moderating team.

#6 - Other Things Not to Do

  • Make every attempt to use proper grammar when posting. With this in mind, please refrain from excessively correcting another user’s grammar. This can be seen as antagonistic and start an uncivil discussion.

  • Avoid making one word posts like “agreed,” “lol,” “wrong,” etc. We want to have real discussions on this board, and frivolous one word posts do not enhance the discussion or move it forward. Making one word posts to inflate your post count can result in a suspension or ban.

  • Don’t post a discussion in the wrong category. If your post relates to Texas history, please do not post it in the “General Discussion” category. This will help ensure that users can easily join discussions that fit their interests.

  • Don’t repost articles from other sites on the board. If you find an article or blog post that you think may be of interest to other users, please link to the article rather than copy and pasting the content into the forum. Use the full link, not a shortened link.

  • Do not share your account with other individuals. TSHA is a nonprofit, and we rely on membership contributions to operate. Sharing your account with others puts a strain on our limited resources. Also, it can cause confusion for other forum users who believe they are always talking with you. Sharing your account can result in suspension or permanent ban.

  • Do not swear. Cursing does not further discussion or debate. Posts using swear words will be removed. Repeated violation of this policy can result in a suspension or ban.

  • Do not post the same discussion topic multiple times. If you wish to continue the discussion, continue to make posts in the original discussion.

TLDR; Treat the forum and other users with respect and everything should be fine!

TSHA Staff